A simple man who enjoys simple things

For most people who don't know me too well,
 I'm Lee Duffy, tall idiot who shouts 'Rooney'
 at random times for no particular reason.
 There's more to me than that I promise.
 This piece outlines a few of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time.

TV Shows:

I am quite picky when it comes to choosing what Tv shows to watch. Netflix has quite the variety of shows that have been critically acclaimed but I just can’t bring myself to watch any of them. Why? Because I feel no show will ever live up to the emotional adventure that is ‘Friday Night Lights‘. There was a stage during the time I binge-watched all five seasons of FNL that I thought I actually lived in Dillon Texas. It took over my life for three months, it was all I spoke about, all I thought about and all I wanted to watch.

FNL cast.png

When I had finally finished all five seasons, there was nothing i wanted more than for my memory to be erased and to be able to start all over again. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”.

Family Guy:

From the high intensity, high drama TV show to the simplest TV show you could ever hope to find, ‘Family Guy’. This cavalcade of cartoon comedy has given me more laughs than anything else over the last few years. It’s simple humor and its ability to make fun out of things you should never be allowed to make fun out of just make it so watchable for me.

fam guy.png

The show has been on the air since 1999 and has produced 15 seasons of brilliantly simplistic comedy that will never fail to make me laugh no matter how many times I’ve watched it.


YouTube Channels:

I spend a lot of time watch different YouTube channels, mainly based around Video games (Fifa 17). My favourite channel would have to be ‘2Sync’.


I genuinely do not know why I enjoy their videos, but I do. The two brothers Matt and Chris pit their wits against each-other each day in various Fifa related challenges, and for some unknown reason, I find these two loudmouthed idiots very entertaining.


Studying journalists and their way of writing and analyzing is a great way of furthering my own skills as an aspiring journalist. Most articles I read are sports related and are by English journalists, My favourite of those journalists is Martin Samuels of ‘The Mail‘.



His non-biased opinion is clear to see in his writing and is also not afraid to criticize the English National team when a lot of top journalists would be. I really enjoy his contribution on the ‘Sunday Supplement‘ when he discusses some of the top footballing stories of the week with other journalists. Out of all of the journalists, I feel his opinion comes across the strongest and most valid.


The only podcasts that I would listen to would be football based, to get the opinions of experts. Two podcasts I like in particular are the ‘Balls.ie‘ and ‘Off the ball‘ podcasts.

These two podcasts give an Irish perspective on all things sport, which i enjoy because most articles in the media are coming from Britain. Also, these shows have ex- Ireland players such as Kevin Kilbane and John Giles give their views on the state of Irish football nowadays and how Irish players are getting on abroad. Being involved in a show like either of these two would be something I’d love to get involved with in the future.

Real Life Experience:

My favourite real life experience isn’t something I get to do as often as I would wish, but its something that gives me more of a buzz than anything in the world, going to watch Ireland.

I know what you are thinking, how in Gods name do you get a buzz from watching that shower? The answer to that question is I do not know. But when I wake up on a match day, I can feel the buzz of excitement straight away. Meeting the lads for pints beforehand, the Irish folk songs at full volume in the pub. ‘Joxer goes to Stuttgart’, ‘We’re on the one road’, they just make the experience better. Coming around to Landsdowne Road on the train and seeing the floodlights in front of you, you know it’s nearly time. When you’re in place and waiting for the team to emerge from the tunnel, the butterflies have well and truly started.


Once that national anthem starts playing, the feeling of pride and passion is unbeatable. What follows is 90 minutes of painfully average football, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s why I love it.

Going to see Ireland away is even more addictive, more like a drug. It is something that I will be investing a lot of my time and money into in the next few years, and in my opinion, money well spent.

lee bosnia


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